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15 Smart and Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas Brides and Grooms Love

Weddings in India are known for three things: food, clothes, and gifts. We all love to dress up our best and go to weddings for the delicious food on the buffet in exchange for gifts we present to the bride and groom, wishing them a healthy and happy life.

Gifts are a way of expressing one’s feelings towards the other person. You can even wish the best of life, health and happiness. A wedding gift in definition is a gift presented to brides and grooms for a new beginning. Parents of both partners want to give all the things that are necessary for a new start to life.

However, guests at a wedding bring gifts according to their relation with the main characters i.e. bride and groom. Closely related guests may gift the couple with personal and intimate gifts. While guests who aren’t that close may want to give something which is common and express their best wishes aptly.

Wedding gifts are of all kinds from things of personal care, to household items, clothes and even cash envelopes. There are always some gifts which are so peculiar that they leave a lifelong impression of it to the main characters of the big day.

Gift for Wedding: A Symbol of Love, Care, and Kindness

Wedding gifts have a great place in the hearts of the two main characters as well as their families. People tend to remember the best and worst parts of every marriage for years. So it’s better to avoid picking something out of the blue. A little thought to pick up a wedding gift for someone we know can make an impression for life on them.

In today’s world, where everything is always in a hurry, it can be difficult to actually stop and think about certain things. But this single thought that occurred to you in a matter of seconds can actually become a memory for somebody else. A gift that is useless and ugly has no place in celebrations. It is wise that you do not ruin your reputation or the main characters’ day either.

While choosing a gift for an acquaintance’s wedding, it can be quite tricky to decide which angle to go with. Is it better to get something fun, useful, or beautiful? After this checkpoint comes the next question: what exactly will the gift be?

Last but not least, how do I carry it along to the wedding day? What? Yeah, it is important to think about how to carry it on the day. What if it’s too big to lift in arms and smaller than getting shipped by a carrier? Both the scenarios can be embarrassing and unfancy.

Now the size again depends on what kind of relationship you share with the two main humans of the day.

To help you with exactly this dilemma of getting the right gift for the bride and groom and their new life, we’ve got some of the best ideas for wedding gifts. Take a look at which one suits your relationship, bond, and feelings towards the main characters of the day.

Traditional Wedding Gifts You Will See At Indian Weddings

The traditions, customs, and rituals are the specialty of an Indian wedding. Wedding gifts with traditional, religious, and customary bases comprise the traditional wedding gifts. There are some wedding gifts that have a definite place at weddings. These wedding gifts tend to gather in large numbers because of their past popularity.

Jewellery articles like rings for the groom, chains and anklets for the bride, and envelopes full of money are the most common. Well, money is the best wedding gift for people who aren’t closely related to the main characters of the day.

Traditional wedding gifts have meanings and symbols that are passed down through generations. The family of the groom is often seen gifting heirlooms that have travelled through grandmothers, mothers, and daughter-in-laws. These heirlooms can be traditional jewellery made of gold, silver, stones, or diamonds.

Families with a connection to art and cultures of the past may even present a painting or art piece as a gift to the newest addition to their family.
Following are some of the traditional wedding gifts that have been given since ancient times up until the present.

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