dc jewelry star finger ring

Star-Shaped AD Finger Ring

These are the gift of the perfect ring to symbolize your special days, such as weddings, engagements, anniversaries, valentine's day, families, thanksgiving day and Christmas Day, etc. Meeting your every gift need.

This simple ring is designed for everyone and every age. This cute ring is a great ring for teen girls your sister or daughter. very statement and pretty, thin and lightweight, comfortable to wear, perfect for everyday wear, and make you the focus.


100% Original Products
Brand:- DC Jewelry
Collection: - All 
Type: -  Finger Ring
Plating: -  Rosegold Polished 


Material: Brass
Stones: American diamond 


Care Instructions:

Please use a fine, microfiber, or gemstone polishing cloth to clean your jewellery.
Don't use any chemical agents, ultrasonic cleaners, or any other cleaning agents for cleaning the jewellery.
We recommended removing jewellery before participating in any activities that may be considered abrasive to jewellery. Like: showering, swimming, gardening, doing dishes, etc.
Refrain from exposing your jewellery to extreme temperature environments, hot or cold.


A beautiful glamorous, statement-piece Star-Shaped AD Finger Ring can be used on any outfit or occasion like Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals, etc.




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