dc jewelry silver plated ring

Love Finger Ring with American Diamond

AD adjustable rings studded with American diamond cubic zirconia, and semi-precious baguette stones.Styled our finger with this green colour American diamond ring from DC Jewelry for our trendy look. They are wonderfully crafted with a silver plated finish meal along with studded American diamond stone. This finger ring is easy to wear as it is adjustable in size. So order now


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Brand:- DC Jewelry
Collection: - All 
Type: -  Finger Ring
Plating: -  Rosegold Polished


Material: Brass
Stones: American diamond 


Care Instructions:

Keep your jewels safe in our box.
When storing jewellery make sure it doesn’t rub against other jewellery
Though our jewellery doesn't turn black it is recommended to keep it away from water chemicals, soap etc.



A beautiful glamorous, statement-piece AD ring can be used on any outfit or occasion like Weddings, Birthdays, Festivals, etc.



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